BGT Stability Carbon (With Grip)

BGT Stability Carbon (With Grip)

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*if you are unsure about what shaft size will fit your putter model please contact us at 905-629-1003 before placing the order. Shafts can be shipped uninstalled or we can do any installation onsite if you bring or send us your putter.*

Introducing the new Stability Carbon putter shaft. Golf's first ever putter shaft you can customize to fit your game—length, connector color, even tip finish.

Stability Carbon is built on the same design platform as the original Stability shaft, which revolutionized the putting category when it was launched 4 years ago.

  • Stability Carbon is a .600 diameter, no taper shaft, with internal aluminum weighting
  • It will have a balance point similar to steel but softer than our tour models
  • Exclusive, Advanced Materials Integration; patented technology that delivers the face square at impact
  • Carbon weave for playability refinement and improved feel
  • Change your loft, lie, length, balance, grip—even the sight lines
  • Customize your shaft with 4 connector options.
  • Fits all putters, regardless of brand or bend profile—straight, single or double bends and it’s easy to install
  • 1 degree of torque, so your putter face remains square at impact to deliver consistent, accurate putts